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** after typing this I read it and it is pretty boring. just visit** I am all for it. KC should have started some sort of high speed public route to and from downtown with destinations like Olathe, Independence and the airport. This should have been built into the infrastructure a looooonnnngg time ago. […]

For some reason, I have this fear that the recycling truck shows up on Thursday morning, takes a look at the plethora of things we have gathered in our recycling tub and just says “Screw This” and dumps the whole thing in the trash bucket right next to it on the curb. Of course I […]

I knew from the onset of us thinking of buying a house that we would need a few things to get things tidied up and looking decent. Holy smokes did I underestimate the wall of products that would be streaming into our house. I wouldn’t be surprised if the FedEx and UPS guys already know […]



My wife is in the mood for some more lighting in our living room. She asked if we could install about 4-6 can lights in our living room. My suggestion is to add some SolaTubes to the living room. I am going to visit Solar Solutions of KC at College & Metcalf with my lady […]

I love it.


I was busy looking for a way to avoid giving the child of a friend of mine a gift for his 2nd birthday. I stumbled across this article on the world wide interweb  and almost instantaneously wanted to reach through the screen to give this lady a hug. She made a good point about how […]

The 4th


To my complete surprise, the neighborhood was not a complete mess on the morning of the 5th. The wife and I had returned home at about 1AM on the 5th and there were a few things here and there but I decided to wait until the morning to place burning judgment on the neighbors……BUT to […]

So, in all my effort to get my sprinklers in order before the July 4th weekend, I now face the possibility that I won’t have to turn them on at all. The rain started this morning around 8 and it hasn’t let up. It’s steady, not to heavy, and PERFECT for my lawn. Of course […]