This is a new thing for me. We had our sod laid down before we purchased our house last week and they told me that “I can’t water it enough.” My brain says that watering in 98F heat is ridiculous, but I have to keep that grass wet! So now I find myself almost obsessed with watering my grass. Of course I wanted to be frugal with our house purchase so I did not purchase a in-ground sprinkler system. I am now outside my new house more then inside. I do like it, but my problem is that I feel the need to get my grass to the greenness of my neighbor (who, by the way, is pretty cool). I also wish I had the steaks that he cooked last night. 🙂

And so it begins, my quest to try to fit it my new community with out breaking the bank and without conforming too much. My wife has balked at the idea of putting up some solar panels. With electricity cheap (relatively) now, I can see that a payback of 10-15 years is not exciting to her, but if this Cap & Trade bill is as treacherous as the Right say it is, then I am getting some panels.



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