The 4th


To my complete surprise, the neighborhood was not a complete mess on the morning of the 5th. The wife and I had returned home at about 1AM on the 5th and there were a few things here and there but I decided to wait until the morning to place burning judgment on the neighbors……BUT to my surprise, as I was watering the lawn at about 8:30AM, the kids from two of the houses (like it was instinct or something) came bolting from their houses with plastics sacks and began to pick up the street, the yards, everything. One little girl found a tube of caulk that was probably used in the construction of my house. She held it for a bit and you could see her trying to figure out “What kind of firecracker is this?” 🙂

I wish I would have been around while they were attempting to not blow their little hands off. I need to get closer to my neighbors. They all seem very nice and I have met a few. Once it cools down and we can all be outside a little more, I think then I will make my move. We’ve only been there for two weeks, I guess we aren’t doing that bad.



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