I love it.


I was busy looking for a way to avoid giving the child of a friend of mine a gift for his 2nd birthday. I stumbled across this article on the world wide interweb  and almost instantaneously wanted to reach through the screen to give this lady a hug. She made a good point about how kids are drawn to what they know. Her example was when her daughter when over to one of her friends house and headed straight for the book shelf to grab a book, even though the entire room was filled with toys. I LOVE IT.

Now, it should be known that my wife and I do not have kids. I do hope that some day, if the good Lord allows me to, I want to have a content kid. But then the question is, how to I have a content kid that has ambition, drive and want to better things (not better things…but to make things better)? I guess I will learn, but I was really impressed with this article.

Teaching Kids Less Can Be More




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