Recycling in Olathe


For some reason, I have this fear that the recycling truck shows up on Thursday morning, takes a look at the plethora of things we have gathered in our recycling tub and just says “Screw This” and dumps the whole thing in the trash bucket right next to it on the curb. Of course I have no reason for thinking this way, but it is just a fear of mine. I do all of this work and then some guy who doesn’t like his job for some reason comes along and in one swift motion, destroys the work I have done. I guess I have some recycling insecurities. 🙂

BUT!!!! If indeed the recycling truck IS picking up the stuff and recycling it, I am overjoyed and saddened at the same time with Olathe’s effort in recycling. Here is the link to their site. Curbside The reason for the sadness is the fact that I am charged $3.25 for something that should be free. Now….don’t get me wrong, I know that there are cost involved with recycling. My gripe is the fact that I pay….let’s say…$13 for trash per month. I honestly don’t know how much it is, I have only been here 3 weeks. 🙂 But lets say it is $13 per month.  I don’t think that I should have to pay for a service that should be mandatory.

I must explain myself.

I am a conservative by nature. I think that you should through your trash in the trash at the park. I try to tidy up the table before I leave a restaurant. When I use something of someone else’s, I return it in better shape then I received it. If I borrow your car, you will have more gas in it then when I picked it up.  So when I look at the trash industry, I see millions of people throwing their stuff out without thinking. If all you have to do is pull the plastic liner out of the cereal box and toss the plastic and place the cardboard box in a different bin, this should be the stand way of doing things.

After only a few weeks in my new house, I find myself having about 2 small bags of trash and 1 completely stuff bin of stuff to recycle. Why is every house in every developed country not doing this?

Back to the $3.25 fee for recycling. I believe that the city of Olathe should, instead of charging everyone $13, they should charge them $15 and recycling should be mandatory made available to everyone. I am trying to think of the ramifications of this, stuff that would hinder this plan. I submitted a request to the Olathe here. I will let you know what their response is.

What do you think?


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