Public Transportation


** after typing this I read it and it is pretty boring. just visit**

I am all for it. KC should have started some sort of high speed public route to and from downtown with destinations like Olathe, Independence and the airport. This should have been built into the infrastructure a looooonnnngg time ago. I love going to Chicago. I fly into Midway, hop on the L and I am in downtown Chicago in about 20 minutes. I can’t recall how much I paid to get downtown from Midway, but it was cheap, and I was more then willing to pay for it. Of course, then I fly back into KC and I have to take the bus to my car. Pay the “fine” to park in extended parking, drive (while very tired) home and then relax. Ugh.

I see a lot of people hating the light rail system that is or has been proposed.¬† I love it. Why don’t people like it? I have not studied up on the costs or the benefits, but this city is light years behind many others. I would think that Olathe people would love the idea of getting into their cars and driving 2-3 minutes to a parking lot and hoping on a downtown express train. In 20 minutes you would be there and you could have answered 10 emails before work.

I have note checked into the route of the buses in my area, but I would love it if I could get on one and ride it to work. Off to The Jo to check it out.



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