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Water Bill


WHOA!!! I am very new to this as I grew up on a farm where all the water was pumped from a well. Up until we bought this house I have never really paid for water (apparently). Last Friday I received our first water bill. It was a doozie!! I did know that it was […]

I like to read a bunch of blogs, but I think my favorite is The Simple Dollar. This last post really struck a chord with me and how it seems many people view their financial situation. ojc

My wife and I are replacing our hard word floors. I take that back…The company that installed our floors is replacing our floor. The floor was bad so the manufacturer is replacing it for us. No problem right? Well, the floor is a different color. It is the same part number / color name that […]

Yard Work


I asked my wife if it was wrong of me to enjoy working in the lawn so much. She said that she was happy that I did, because she didn’t know if she could handle it herself. Fine by me…I will do it all. 🙂 I spent at least 2 hours in the lawn. The […]

I have found that, to be frugal, you must buy smarter. By this I mean get the best deal possible. OF COURSE. Having just moved into our house, I was in need of a weed whacker. In my quest for looking for a new trimmer, I found that there were propane powered trimmers. Of course, […]