Lehr Propane Trimmer


I have found that, to be frugal, you must buy smarter. By this I mean get the best deal possible. OF COURSE. Having just moved into our house, I was in need of a weed whacker. In my quest for looking for a new trimmer, I found that there were propane powered trimmers. Of course, this peaked my interest. There seemed to be only one company making them, Lehr. It looks like they make them for Craftsman. I don’t really care for the rebranding, so I looked deeper into the Lehr models.

They have two straight shaft and two curved shaft models with each type having either detachable or non-detachable versions. I leaned towards the detachable straight shaft model. It looked the the best. 🙂 The ST025DS was listed for $219 and that was a bit too pricey for me. But I continued to research Lehr and the propane option. In digging further, I found that propane is:
probably from the US
burns cleaner
much better for the environment
less messy
cheaper in the long run
starts easier (need to test this over the life of the unit)
doesn’t need winterizing.

I was sold. I love the idea and it’s a “green” thing to have. Now I was just stuck on that $219 price tag. ugh.

Last Friday, I was in ACE Hardware in Lenexa to get some bolts and air filters when I decided to see if they had the Lehr trimmers. THEY HAD THEM….AND….THEY WERE ON SALE. $179 was the price for either the straight or curved detachable model. This was $40 bucks cheaper and in the range of what I wanted to spend on a trimmer. After a call to the wife, I took the thing home.

I was so excited to actually have this new piece of tech/yard tool that I forgot to do a couple other things on my honey-do list.

I put it together and took it for a spin around the house. It was powerful, a tad heavy, had a pleasant odor and worked perfectly. I can’t wait for next weekend so that I can fire it up again.



**** Update 8/26/09 ***

After two outings with this green beast, I have grown more attached with it. I have already had some looks from my neighbors and I am sure that if I would trim on a Saturday instead of a Friday, I would probably get a few questions.

A few things to add to the above list of things I like about the trimmer:

  • it’s powerful
  • it’s much cleaner then the gas trimmers I have used in my life (I thought sure that I would buy a Shindaiwa, but I am glad I didn’t)
  • it’s cool 🙂



2 Responses to “Lehr Propane Trimmer”

  1. 1 Jim Steele

    Good for you. I got one of these at regular price at the beginning of the season and it’s performed perfectly for almost three months now. Cut’s well sounds good and the propane is so easy to use. I use Coleman canisters with the green key so they are easier to recycle. I hear they have a leaf blower coming too.

    • 2 olathejoneschaser

      I told a guy here at work about it and we were discussing the pointlessness of recycling the 1# canisters. He pointed me to Harbor Freight and the Propane Bottle Refill Kit. This allows you to refill your 1# canister with your grill tank. Pretty neat!

      I am very excited about the blower option, and maybe someday a mower?!?! 🙂

      Thanks for the comments.


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