Yard Work


I asked my wife if it was wrong of me to enjoy working in the lawn so much. She said that she was happy that I did, because she didn’t know if she could handle it herself. Fine by me…I will do it all. 🙂

I spent at least 2 hours in the lawn. The grass that was planted between the A/C compressor and the house was pointless. I can trim back there very easily and so I removed it. I replaced grass with rocks that were in the unimproved lot next to my house. I don’t have the pictures here with me at work, so I will have to upload them when I get home tonight. I was impressed with my work to say the least.
Of course I got to use my Lehr trimmer again. What a great tool!

The next outdoor project is going to be rerouting the sump pump tubing that comes out of the house. Right now it is flooding the space between me and my neighbor’s house and making mowing very difficult. Maybe I will have time this weekend. 🙂



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