Christmas Surge


With all the talk about gaining weight during the holidays, my bank account sure isn’t worried about such a thing. 🙂

My wife and I knew this was going to happen and so this isn’t a big issue. It always sucks to watch the account go down. We began socking away money for “things that will hurt our budget” back in January. Things like Christmas gifts, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, clothes, home improvement and a couple more. I have found it to be a great blessing to have these saved monies for times when we need it. Her car needed tires, well……I think it totaled around $325 for the set and we had about $300 saved up. This means that my monthly budget only received a $25 hit. Which, is really not a hit at all.

Another thing that I have noticed is that I like giving gifts more under this plan. Before, I would shop knowing full well that I would have to put it on a card and would pay it off in the following months. It was okay in my mind because I was doing it for someone else. But now that I have the case to spend, it feels good to know that I planned for this and it won’t hurt me to give.

If you stumble onto this post, please consider saving for Christmas gifts. This simple (although sometimes hard to carry out) will make you gift giving experience a much more rewarding time for everyone.



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