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Media Closet


Before starting my basement renovation, I need to get some things squared away on the main level. One of those things….internet to all devices. Last year in a speed haste to get stuff done, I put up CAT 5 cable from my central hub in the basement to my upstairs media center. Right now, as […]




The wife and I have decided to finish our basement. It is about 1500 sq ft and has lots of potential. We are going to tackle this ourselves. This is going to be quite the project and I am excited and downright scared all at the same time. Right now I am looking into how […]

Lehr lawn mower


I know, i know, it’s February and I am excited about a mower??!!? Well, the lehr trimmer that I purchased last year that runs exclusively on Propane has another new partner in crime (they do offer a blower too, but that doesn’t spark my interest much). A lawn mower that runs strictly on propane. They […]