Basement Renovation


The wife and I have decided to finish our basement. It is about 1500 sq ft and has lots of potential. We are going to tackle this ourselves. This is going to be quite the project and I am excited and downright scared all at the same time.

Right now I am looking into how to waterproof the area. There are the basics, like a simple vapor barrier up to grade. What about drylocking the basement as well? The house is brand new and the only leak problem we had was fixed under warranty. I would rather spend a tad bit more money and prevent any water from getting in. We shall see.

We are also having some troubles trying to figure out the proper way to heat the basement. I would like to pump the AC / heat unit we have into the space and zone it off from the main floor. Since it is a basement, it won’t need much cooling, but it will need more heating. Because of this, we want either radiant heat on the floor $$$$ or a fire place or both. We are really interested in a low profile fireplace. I think this one may work.

It looks as thought they make custom sizes. FANTASTIC!!!

We may just insulate well, get the fireplace working, and make sure to snuggle properly. 🙂



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