Media Closet


Before starting my basement renovation, I need to get some things squared away on the main level. One of those things….internet to all devices. Last year in a speed haste to get stuff done, I put up CAT 5 cable from my central hub in the basement to my upstairs media center.

Right now, as you can see, the Media center is just my DirecTV DVR. The box below it is a standard DVD player that will soon be replaced by some sort of BluRay player.

If you look closely, there is a red light and an HDMI cable going into a wallplate next to the power cord. That, my friends, is a SIIG HDMI to CAT6 converter CB-HM0A12-S1. You put your source HDMI into the wall plate, the plate converts the signal to two (2) custom lengths of CAT6 cable to up to 300 feet away which then plug into an identical wall plate. From there your plug your TV’s HDMI cable into this wallplate far away and boom! you got HDTV streaming from your closet!!! It works great and there is no external power needed.

After moving this stuff to the closet and buttoning everything up, I realized that I am going to want a gigabit connection to this closet. I bought a roll of CAT 6 and ran it and now I have to wait for a gigabit switch to go in the basement to replace the 100mbps one that I have now.

Here is the one I want. D-Link DGS-1016D




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