I am, by trade, a controls engineer and I love automation and making life easier for my wife and me. In my searches for home automation, I found SmartHome. They are based out of California and have many offerings that I find enticing.

For example, my wife wanted two things for Christmas, a dimmer on the master bedroom light, and lighting on the vault in our bedroom. I found some rope lights on Amazon. They were 120VAC and can be dimmed. I then found cool dimmers on SmartHome’s website that would not only act as dimmers, but as remote actuated devices. To clarify, they can be connected to each other or to other Insteon devices and I ultimately can control them from my phone and from the WWW.

For Christmas I started off small. I just purchased the two dimmers and the rope light and got them installed. She was VERY happy with both of those gifts. I told her, “As money becomes available, we will get this controllable via our phones.”

As luck would have it, once the money became available, I purchased the wrong thing. The 2412N controller that I bought is close but not totally correct. the 2412N is designed to be a low cost web interface to your Insteon system. What I didn’t realized was that the 2412N was only a powerline device. To explain: Insteon has two transmission methods…..RF (radio over the air) and powerline (through your house’s wiring). Well, since the 2412N controller was only a powerline and on the wrong phase of my home’s electricity, I could not control my lights. To remedy this, I could either move the controller (this won’t work unless I rewire that circuit) or buy a pair of  access points.  There is a third option, to buy a different controller, which I will probably do. So, if there is anyone that wants to buy a Insteon 2412N controller, contact me.

I can’t wait to get this other controller so that I can turn my lights on and off via my phone. I may call myself a thrifty person, but I am a nerd above that. 🙂



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