Hair Care


My wife has been saying for the last couple of weeks that she needs to get her hair cut and colored. She normally goes to a pretty expensive lady to get her hairs cut. Yesterday, she decided to go to a cheap place.

I dropped her off and I proceeded to the grocery store next door. I was wrapping up my shopping in the frozen section when she came strolling down the aisle with much shorter hair. I was expecting the worst, but she said “not bad”. I really like her short hair, but I never know what her critique are going to be.

With her hair cut, she also wanted it colored. I normally color her hair, so this is no big deal. We finished the coloring late in the evening and at that point I was reminded that she just saved us over $80 just by going to a cheaper place and by letting her hubby color her hair. AWESOME!

Let it be know that my wife is not a tomboy by any stretch of the imagination. She did grow up in the country, but once she moved to KC, she became a city girl. She likes sparkly things and cleanliness. SO, for her to agree to do something with her hair that doesn’t require a HELOC, I was more than proud of her.



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