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I received my permit from the City (in less than a day no less) and immediately ordered some 1″ XPS to put up on the walls. I haven’t got it all completed as Carter Waters (place where I purchased the foam from) ran out of the adhesive. But…here are is the progress that I have […]

I don’t know exactly the square footage here, but it is good sized and a huge project for me. Here is a pdf of the layout.  Walls

The before! I wanted to get it all cleaned out before I started….but if I want to keep my car in its spot in the garage during the winter….well I just didn’t have space for it all.

After some initial planning, I finally submitted my application for a permit to finish my basement. I guess buying the house was actually a bigger decision, but this is a bit more exciting for me. Probably because the work is on me and not someone else. If I screw up, my wife won’t let me […]