Step 3 – Run Electric


This is actually one of the parts of the project I felt I could do with ease. There were a few tricks, but overall it went smoothly. As shown below, I used all Insteon Switches in my basement. It was a huge overkill for the budget, but it was one of the few things that I wanted.

Insteon Switch

The key to doing this work is being comfortable with it, have a great teacher, or just be safe and pay for someone to do it for you.

I think  I placed about 35 – 4″ can lights in all. They were pretty easy as they all have the nice push in connectors already installed in the cans….nail em up and wire in about 10 minutes.

Aside from the standard power wires, I also ran CAT6 and speaker wires. I didn’t do too well on planning this as I no know after the basement is complete, that I should have done this…or that.


3 Responses to “Step 3 – Run Electric”

  1. 1 diydad

    Nice work. You mentioned running speaker wire and CAT6…. do yourself a favor and draw yourself a map of where the wires run and terminate before you insulate and rock. You would be suprised how quickly you can forget exactly where they end up.

    • 2 ojc

      @diydad – That is a good idea! I had terminated the wires on one end. They all came to a central spot in my network closet. My biggest problem was not running enough of the CAT6. Before hand I just assumed I would use the wireless almost exclusively, but now I wish I had pulled more. 😦

      • 3 diydad

        Glad i could help. Unfortunately I learned the hard way by not mapping wires well enough and ended up with a bunch of holes in my ceiling for speakers that I had to patch even though I had a “general” idea where they terminated. Good news is that the wireless HDMI stuff I have seen seems to work pretty well.

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