Step 5a – Insulate & Hang Drywall


Insulation is not bad. Unroll batt, staple up batt, tuck in loose pieces and cough. ugh

On the other hand, the drywall for a 1500 square foot basement is a daunting task. Just getting the sheets down stairs was rough for 5 guys. It took 1.5 hours. The worst was the 16 foot sheets that we had to bend around the staircase to fit and not upsetting the wife while taking out chunks of the basement stairs ceiling.




I had great success with this type of collated screw gun. The picture shown is the current model, but it is similar to the Ridgid model that I had. Made things much easier has I only have two hands and one knee to hang drywall. I also used a lift for the ceiling and the top wall pieces.




The bedroom with batts in and ceiling rock hung







Wall rock hung



A bit of the rock in the main room as well.



My rotozip kept leaping out of the can when I would go around the edge of the can. I cut this cross first so I would know about where the edge was in hopes that I could contain that rotozip. 🙂







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