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There are two spots in my basement with a need for water. The wet bar and the bathroom. The wet bar needed hot and cold water, a drain, and a drinking water line. The bathroom was stubbed out by the builder. So….the drains were there….but we didn’t like the drain for the shower. We cut […]

Insulation is not bad. Unroll batt, staple up batt, tuck in loose pieces and cough. ugh On the other hand, the drywall for a 1500 square foot basement is a daunting task. Just getting the sheets down stairs was rough for 5 guys. It took 1.5 hours. The worst was the 16 foot sheets that […]

This is actually one of the parts of the project I felt I could do with ease. There were a few tricks, but overall it went smoothly. As shown below, I used all Insteon Switches in my basement. It was a huge overkill for the budget, but it was one of the few things that I wanted. […]

I got real nervous during the build and got lazy about posting. So. I have a finished product now. I will go back and post progress pictures when I get the chance. It will be nice to go back and see how far I got through this project. The city did approve my basement and […]

After some waiting, I began to frame my walls. So far so good. There have been mistakes, but all in all it is pretty neat!

I received my permit from the City (in less than a day no less) and immediately ordered some 1″ XPS to put up on the walls. I haven’t got it all completed as Carter Waters (place where I purchased the foam from) ran out of the adhesive. But…here are is the progress that I have […]

I don’t know exactly the square footage here, but it is good sized and a huge project for me. Here is a pdf of the layout.  Walls