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There are two spots in my basement with a need for water. The wet bar and the bathroom. The wet bar needed hot and cold water, a drain, and a drinking water line. The bathroom was stubbed out by the builder. So….the drains were there….but we didn’t like the drain for the shower. We cut […]

Insulation is not bad. Unroll batt, staple up batt, tuck in loose pieces and cough. ugh On the other hand, the drywall for a 1500 square foot basement is a daunting task. Just getting the sheets down stairs was rough for 5 guys. It took 1.5 hours. The worst was the 16 foot sheets that […]

This is¬†actually¬†one of the parts of the project I felt I could do with ease. There were a few tricks, but overall it went smoothly. As shown below, I used all Insteon Switches in my basement. It was a huge overkill for the budget, but it was one of the few things that I wanted. […]

Lehr lawn mower


I know, i know, it’s February and I am excited about a mower??!!? Well, the lehr trimmer that I purchased last year that runs exclusively on Propane has another new partner in crime (they do offer a blower too, but that doesn’t spark my interest much). A lawn mower that runs strictly on propane. They […]

My wife and I are replacing our hard word floors. I take that back…The company that installed our floors is replacing our floor. The floor was bad so the manufacturer is replacing it for us. No problem right? Well, the floor is a different color. It is the same part number / color name that […]

I knew from the onset of us thinking of buying a house that we would need a few things to get things tidied up and looking decent. Holy smokes did I underestimate the wall of products that would be streaming into our house. I wouldn’t be surprised if the FedEx and UPS guys already know […]



My wife is in the mood for some more lighting in our living room. She asked if we could install about 4-6 can lights in our living room. My suggestion is to add some SolaTubes to the living room. I am going to visit Solar Solutions of KC at College & Metcalf with my lady […]