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I asked my wife if it was wrong of me to enjoy working in the lawn so much. She said that she was happy that I did, because she didn’t know if she could handle it herself. Fine by me…I will do it all. 🙂 I spent at least 2 hours in the lawn. The […]

I have found that, to be frugal, you must buy smarter. By this I mean get the best deal possible. OF COURSE. Having just moved into our house, I was in need of a weed whacker. In my quest for looking for a new trimmer, I found that there were propane powered trimmers. Of course, […]

So, in all my effort to get my sprinklers in order before the July 4th weekend, I now face the possibility that I won’t have to turn them on at all. The rain started this morning around 8 and it hasn’t let up. It’s steady, not to heavy, and PERFECT for my lawn. Of course […]